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Mold Doesn't Just LOOK Scary. It's a serious threat to your bottom line.

Mold claims & personal injury settlements have proven to be a serious liability issue for Property Managers, Hotel Managers, General Contractors, Facility Managers, and Building Owners. Recent liability claims have valued in the millions, and as state/local regulators adopt tougher mold enforcement laws, we could see increased liability exposure in the coming years.

The GOOD NEWS: Property owners & managers can eliminate their mold risk for about $140/per unit, which is about equal to the cost of installing a garbage disposal! The best way to prevent mold growth is to get proactive about controlling moisture in your building. KEM's Control of Moisture & Mold Prevention (COMMP) Program can eliminate your risk. COMMP provides:

  • regular monthly inspections;

  • a written plan to Prevent | Control | Cleanup moisture intrusion events; and

  • a Mold-Free certification letter at project completion.

Based on regular inspections for water intrusion & mold during construction, KEM provides documentation & certification that a building (or unit) is mold-free and fit for occupancy upon its completion.

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