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Management Systems

Kynoch Environmental Management supports development and implementation of corporate environmental management systems (EMS) based on principles established by ISO 14000. An EMS is a defined management system targeting a company's unique environmental concerns. In addition to being environmentally proactive, an effective EMS can generate competitive advantages AND significant cost and resource savings.

KEM designs an EMS to comply with all existing U.S. environmental regulations while allowing the client to tailor their plan to shareholder goals and public relations needs. An EMS developed by KEM will allow a client to become ISO 14000 certified.


When contemplating whether or not to implement an EMS, KEM directs clients to consider the financial benefits of proactive action, including:

  • Savings potential generated by taking a preventative approach to environmental concerns & pollution.

  • Reduced emergency (reactive) repairs.

  • Lower insurance rates and reduced liability exposure.

  • Preferred borrowing opportunities.

  • Reduced pollution-control costs.

​KEM’s work and the programs developed by our firm are defined by the following foundational elements:​

  • The nature of a client's corporate commitment to implementing an effective and sustainable EMS.

  • Clear communication of the vision, goals, and objectives of the program. We believe that an EMS can only be fulfilled and improved if the plan is widely communicated and distributed throughout an organization.

  • Meaningful and clear implementation strategies that identify the client's capabilities as well as any outside support needed to activate EMS mechanisms and practices. 

  • Clear measurement and evaluation strategies to monitor EMS performance against client-established objectives.

  • Structure, including training and documentation processes, to enable consistent review and continual improvement of overall environmental performance.

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