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LEED Certification

Kynoch Environmental Management is a well-regarded professional consulting services team providing innovative, sound & quality solutions for building owners who are proactively addressing environmental concerns. Our team is uniquely qualified to provide LEED commissioning services.

The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System assists building owners, designers, and construction professionals to maximize green building practices. Certification requirements are assessed in a nationally accepted, third-party recognition system created by the U.S. Green Building Council. 

The LEED checklist includes opportunities for awards and certifications in:

  • Site sustainability

  • Water efficiency

  • Energy use & atmosphere

  • Materials & resources

  • Indoor environmental quality

  • Innovation & design process


The LEED Certification Process is a three step process:

  • STEP 1: Project Registration

  • STEP 2: Technical Support

  • STEP 3: Building Certification

KEM provides verification and reporting of each step and facet of the building, which is the basis for LEED certification. KEM also can provide support to building owners who wish to earn a higher score and LEED certification level, which includes FIVE additional steps. Our LEED consulting services include reporting performed from the planning stage, throughout the construction process, and into the post occupancy timeframe.

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