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Asbestos, Mold & Lead: OH MY!

Some remediation projects are like a game of Jenga. One miscue can cause the whole tower to come crashing down!

Early this year, Kynoch Environmental Management was hired by a DC-area property manager to help correct a mold issue in a multifamily apartment building.

Our team evaluated the extent of moisture intrusion & mold growth, which required a fairly straightforward mold remediation, including removal & replacement of contaminated drywall.


The remediation contractor did NOT understand that Federal and District of Columbia regulations require testing the drywall for asbestos and lead before removing the affected drywall. In the case of this property, all of the drywall joint compound was asbestos containing building material (ACBM). This triggered requirements for permitting, notification, and engineering controls that relate to any asbestos project.

Removing as little as 10 square feet of moldy drywall can create significant lead and asbestos exposures to workers and residents.

Why Strategic Perspective is Essential: As property managers assess damage caused by water intrusion, the parameters of the remediation effort begin to take shape, and a careful approach that considers all the angles will be critical to a winning conclusion. In this case, the KEM team of multidisciplinary professionals was able to quickly satisfy local regulations and facilitate the efficient completion of the building's mold remediation project.

The building owner saved money, the tenants were happy, and the property manager who hired us was a hero.

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