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Kynoch Environmental Management offers a unique preventive approach to protect clients against mold-related liability claims. Our Control of Moisture and Mold Prevention (COMMP®) program provides training, awareness,  inspections (and -- finally -- a mold-free certification) to prevent and detect moisture and mold in multi-family buildings, hotels, senior living facilities, and commercial buildings.  COMMP® is useful to property managers, hotel managers, general construction contractors, facility managers, and building owners.

Contractors, property managers & building owners that work with KEM to develop a COMMP® program are eligible to receive KEM's certification of a mold-free building.


Moldy buildings always have a source of moisture that is causing mold growth. The source of the moisture may be a leaky basement, a dripping pipe, a roof in need of repair, or some other fairly obvious cause. Often (but not always) the mold can be seen growing on walls or other materials in contact with the moisture. Sometimes the moisture can occur inside walls and not be apparent. 

Not all indoor molds present a risk to human health, but an abundance of any mold is likely to be accompanied by other molds, including toxic ones like certain species of Stachybotrys, more commonly known as “black mold,” which feeds on damp dry wall, ceiling tiles, or other materials containing cellulose.  ​Any building with an apparent mold problem should be thoroughly investigated by qualified professionals.

KEM provides the following mold-related services:

  • Inspections and Testing: visual inspections, air testing, surface dust testing, Wall-Chek sampling, and culture samples

  • Remediation: project design, contractor management and oversight, and clearance testing

  • COMMP® Programs – training, awareness, inspections & certification to assure that buildings do not suffer mold infestation as a result of water intrusion

Our experienced team supports client compliance with EPA Guidance and ANSI/IICRC S520,

which provide guidance for conducting mold investigations & remediation.

KEM's moisture & mold related services meet the highest, most stringent industry

guidance to protect human health and client liability. 

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