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Forward Thinking Companies are Proactive

Nearly every commercial construction or property management firm has a horror

story about:

  • mold-related project delays,

  • costly mold remediation & containment measures,

  • displaced residents, or

  • the high cost of materials replacement due to mold or water damage.

Whether the cause is a poor roof design, a broken pipe, or a window left open, mold can spread quickly in new construction, causing a high tally of delay, clean up & repair costs.

That's why is pays to be proactive.

Proactive inspections can identify concerns before a project is threatened.

  • Inspect | conduct visual, air, IR camera testing for moisture & mold

  • Contain & remediate | design & manage effort to reduce spread of mold

  • Train | equip clients to spot danger signs & act quickly if moisture is detected

  • Certify | provide clearance testing & Mold-Free Certification

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