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J. Brent Kynoch - President

Mr. Kynoch has been involved in the environmental engineering field for nearly 30 years. He has particularly relevant experience in providing asbestos inspection and design services for government and military facilities. He has personally designed asbestos abatement programs in a number of buildings with challenging constraints, such as the need to stay open while abatement is taking place and abatement in an active elevator shaft. Mr. Kynoch is a sought after nation-wide expert on asbestos abatement who speaks often at industry conferences and events.

In addition to his experience in asbestos, he has extensive knowledge of Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14000, and the implementation of an EMS to comply with ISO 14001. He is familiar with the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program and has put clients into the program with E2 and E3 designations.


Dawn Lowrie, Vice President - Finance

Ms. Lowrie joined Kynoch Environmental Management in 2014.  She oversees client invoicing and compliance as well as administrative management.  Her past experience includes commercial real estate development administration for a major hospitality corporation and for a national multi-use developer; economic development research and consulting; and financial management for an international franchisor.  She holds degrees from Vanderbilt University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Jeffrey L. Suhr, Senior Vice President

Mr. Suhr has more than 30 years of experience performing investigations for hazardous and non-hazardous materials, including extensive work managing asbestos, lead, mold, and PCB concerns for governmental facilities, commercial sites, and residential buildings. He holds a Master of Science from Penn State. He joined KEM in 2016 and oversees KEM’s team of Industrial Hygienists and Environmental Specialists.  


James E. DePaoli, CIH - Senior Environmental Specialist

Mr. DePaoli has worked with commercial building clients to assure environmental safety in their buildings and has worked to solve environmental concerns when they arise.


A graduate of Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science (Public Health), he earned his Certified Industrial Hygienist credential from the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and holds 20+ years of experience performing asbestos surveys, developing asbestos O&M plans, and overseeing abatement projects. He has performed industrial hygiene services for state and local agencies, handling asbestos, lead, and mold concerns. In addition, he has deep experience supporting client efforts to manage indoor air quality, including mold/fungal survey, remediation planning and oversight.

Kynoch Environmental Management maintains a qualified staff of Environmental Specialists and Technical Coordinators. The Senior Management Team possesses a variety of technical and management skills that provide our clients with outstanding service.

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