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Mold Management: It's all about the Benjamins.

Several military bases have been in the news lately, as mold remediation work is nearing completion at Maryland's Ft. Meade. After several costly mold remediation efforts, the property management companies involved now face civil claims worth millions of dollars. Mold is expensive. Prevention is not. For more than 20 years, Kynoch Environmental Management has helped clients stay ahead on environmental issues (like mold) while avoiding unnecessary costs or project delays. Whether you're building something new, renovating an existing building, or simply turning over an individual unit, our unique COMMP strategy results in mold-free certification upon project delivery.

  • Avoid conditions that can cause mold growth

  • Establish testing schedules that identify a mold problem before it's too late

  • Quickly address mold concerns when they're detected

We’ll diagnose your mold risk, identify the causes, design remediation & prevention plans, and oversee plan execution while you stay focused on managing your business, as usual.

For a quick primer about mold & the importance of mold prevention -- even during construction, contact for information about our on-demand Mold Prevention 101 webinar with Brent Kynoch.

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