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Control Moisture. Eliminate Mold

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Resolving an existing mold infestation in your building starts by controlling moisture, but don't stop there!

The best way to PREVENT mold is to get proactive about detecting and eliminating moisture in your building. Regular maintenance & inspection protocols are vital to preventing costly mold issues.

Having an environmental engineering firm address your mold questions holistically is the best option. With regular inspections for water intrusion and mold during CONSTRUCTION, your building can be certified by KEM as Mold-Free and fit for occupancy upon its completion. So whether you’re concerned about a few units, a well-defined construction site, or an entire building, a Control of Moisture & Mold Prevention is probably right for you. Our team of professionals can design a plan to:

  • Prevent | Control | Clean Up moisture intrusion events,

  • Contain & remove moldy building materials in a way that prevents further contamination,

  • Permanently correct the water/moisture problem,

  • Confirm success with follow up inspections, and

  • Demonstrate diligence with clear, concise documentation.

We’ll diagnose the extent of your mold problem, identify the moisture source, design a remediation plan, and oversee its execution while you stay focused on managing your business, as usual.

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