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Don't Worry. Be Proactive.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

How can you be sure that lead paint & lead-containing dust

are NOT health hazards in your building?

If you own or manage an apartment building constructed before 1978, it likely contains lead paint. And dust from that deteriorating paint poses a health risk to your tenants. The good news is you can stay ahead when it comes to managing this invisible health risk. It just takes a little bit of forward thinking, proactive effort.

PROTIP #1 -- Inspections are a good starting point and can point the way to thoughtful risk assessment. The results will support strategic decision making about how to minimize risks and manage compliance with federal & state requirements that apply to your property. PROTIP #2 -- Building owners & managers may have some mandatory reporting hurdles to deal with BEFORE initiating any building upgrade, maintenance projects, as well as during unit turnovers. It's important to understand federal, state & LOCAL reporting requirements. PROTIP #3 -- Owners, landlords & managers are required to educate prospective tenants using EPA-approved information & EPA prescribed reporting about the specifics of their building. Find EPA resources HERE.

Regardless of your building's specifics, KEM can help you stay ahead on lead. Our EPA-certified team assists clients to understand:

  • requirements for lead-safe work practices

  • when inspections are required in rental housing

  • what inspectors look for during unit turnover (prior to re-occupancy)

  • the most cost-effective approach for lead abatement in your building

Our February webinar on Lead Management is now available on-demand:

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