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Desperation Sometimes Drives Innovation

Building managers & construction firms usually contact an environmental management company when they're experiencing an urgent, worrisome -- & potentially costly! -- environmental hazard.

As industrial hygienists, we often join the team at a time of tremendous stress.

In those cases, the KEM team gets laser-focused on solving the urgent concern while allowing our clients to maintain their business as usual. The goal is for hazard remediation to occur without a severe disruption of business timelines.

But that's not all.

Industrial hygiene works best within the context of ongoing partnership, so a solid team of experts will work with a client to reduce environmental risks over the longer term.

  • Creating prevention strategies that save property managers time & money

  • Training building employees to be proactive on environmental management

  • Reducing the risk of unintended consequences due to complex & overlapping compliance requirements

Proactive environmental management always pays off by minimizing hazards, simplifying compliance, and protecting work schedules.

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