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COVID-19: Our Team is Your Team

Government officials in the DMV have been very proactive when it comes to managing risks related to the spread of COVID-19. Most recently, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has authorized "strike teams" to support nursing home operations during the pandemic, and empowered local health officials to close down any business deemed unsafe.

State & city guidance is in alignment with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which offers instructions for virtually every type of building, including:

  • community facilities (like schools & college facilities),

  • commercial buildings, and

  • multifamily residences (including nursing homes).

We know this can be overwhelming to building owners & property managers, and we're ready to apply our experience to help limit the spread of COVID-19.


Kynoch Environmental Management has always taken a proactive approach to managing environmental health threats. Our experienced team helps design cost-effective programs that protect good health for inhabitants and minimize liability risks for building owners. In terms of the pandemic, this means:

  • Designing & managing programs aimed at suppressing the spread of COVID-19 

  • Establishing specifications for effective, thorough cleaning with a minimal disruption of building operations

  • Helping to select & contract with a cleaning firm that is qualified and insured to perform this very sensitive & important work for your specific business

  • Clearance testing of surfaces throughout the space to assure that the cleaning effort has been effective 

It's important for building owners to proactively assess & address COVID-related risks within the context of their own unique circumstances BEFORE tenants return to normal business operations. KEM can work with you to minimize business disruption while keeping your team, tenants & visitors safe.

Contact in your building.

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