Indoor Air Quality Management

Today’s building occupants, managers and owners are greatly concerned about the quality of the air in their buildings. Resulting from the energy crisis of the seventies, engineers and architects reduced both air infiltration and make up of fresh air. These “tight” buildings operate with a reduced flow of outside air and continue to recirculate high levels of indoor air.

Experts now estimate that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) costs employers $3 billion annually in lost productivity, absenteeism, increased operational expenses and litigation/liability exposure. Coupled with the fact that the typical person spends nearly 90 percent of their time indoors, there is a great need to ensure the high quality of indoor air quality for health and safety.

Kynoch Environmental Management, Inc. has developed a comprehensive approach to indoor air quality assessments. KEM performs an extensive interview with the building occupants and conducts a thorough visual assessment before any analytical testing is provided. Our solutions are concise and cost-effective.

  • A comprehensive questionnaire is completed by the building occupants and analyzed by KEM for relevant data.
  • KEM conducts a complete investigation of the building’s condition, material constitution and occupancy use.
  • The ventilation system is assessed during its cycle of operation for proper function, airflow, and sources of potential contamination in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 62.
  • If testing is necessary for further analysis, economy and expediency dictates.
  • KEM conducts carbon dioxide testing, in conjunction with temperature and relative humidity. This analysis is down-loaded into a graph format for concise documentation.
  • For microbial contaminnts, KEM utilizes an Anderson Impactor for microbial and fungal testing.
  • Other testing procedures are followed to investigate suspect chemical contaminants.
  • Upon identification of the indoor air problem, KEM develops a sound remediation strategy.
  • Comprehensive education on indoor air maintenance and recordkeeping is provided for building maintenance personnel. KEM has developed easy-to-use monitoring forms.
  • KEM follows up the project with an Operations & Maintenance Program that anticipates future problems with scheduled maintenance and re-inspections.
  • Quarterly air monitoring, air filtration investigation, and maintenance record review is conducted.
  • At Kynoch Environmental Management, Inc., our engineers realize that identifying the indoor air problem is only half the battle. Making a sound recommendation is critical. It is our ability to assess the problem through an engineering approach that drives us to success.