About Us

As awareness of the world’s declining resources grows, and as companies move toward more complete sustainability designs and better pollution prevention efforts, KEM is positioned as a leader in the design and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) that comply with ISO 14000. An EMS is the way of the future, and companies are finding great benefit associated with developing an integrated approach to environmental issues. An EMS builds a defined management system around the environmental efforts of a company; offers competitive advantages, and can result in significant cost and resource savings for successful users.

KEM is a leading consultant in providing Asbestos Investigation, Design, and Project Management Services. Our project managers are AHERA trained and licensed in all phases of Asbestos Inspection and Management.

Lead Paint has been a concern of KEM for many years. While federal agencies are defining the guidelines to reduce the lead paint hazard, KEM’s engineering approach to Lead Paint Investigation, Design and Project Management is ahead of its time.

KEM is uniquely innovative through our mold prevention programs.  KEM strives first to educate our clients on strategies to prevent water intrusion and thereby prevent mold growth. Our training and implementation of preventive programs has been utilized and recognized by some of the largest owners and builders in the nation. If mold does occur, KEM will work with you to develop a sound, safe approach to eliminating the mold concern.

Indoor Air Quality is one of today’s greatest concerns for architects, building owners and facility managers. KEM has developed a three phase Indoor Air Quality Survey that provides a comprehensive investigation of the building ventilation system and assesses occupants’ concerns before any expensive testing is conducted.

Under the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, KEM provides thorough and detailed services relating to Underground Storage Tanks and Soil and Water Contamination Investigation.

  • KEM will be driven by understanding and embracing client needs.
  • KEM will distinguish itself by being able to respond promptly and professionally to environmental concerns.
  • KEM will encourage education and training to assure we remain a leading environmental services provider.
  • KEM will strive for efficiency in providing all of its services.

KEM’s staff is comprised of highly trained, certified specialists, including:

  • AHERA Asbestos Inspectors / Management Planners/Supervisors
  • Hazardous Materials Emergency Operations Workers (HAZWOPER)
  • Licensed Lead Inspector, Technicians/Risk Assessors
  • Proficient and Accredited Asbestos Microscopists
  • Certified LEED APs