Lead Testing and Management

Researchers have discovered lead is a highly toxic metal that can cause irreparable damage to the brain and central nervous system, even through limited exposure. This health hazard has made the control and eventual elimination of lead-based paint and other lead contamination a national priority. The guidelines for lead testing and abatement management developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and recent legislation, Title X of the National Affordable Housing Act have set the stage to reduce lead hazards.

Kynoch Environmental Management fulfills the critical role in providing lead hazard assessment and abatement management services for clients in the building management and construction industry. Many buildings constructed before the 1978 lead paint ban in residential housing by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are likely to have lead-based paint. KEM conducts a thorough on-site investigation to determine if a lead hazard exists and explores the options of abatement or in-place management with the client. KEM’s philosophy is to approach each project as if it has only one solution, the best solution.

  • KEM’s projects are conducted in strict accordance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development guidelines for lead testing and abatement management.
  • During the site survey, KEM’s trained inspectors use state-of-the-art X-ray fluorescence (XRF) detectors to verify the existence of lead. Testing procedures are also conducted for lead in soil and water.
  • Dust and paint chip samples are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.
  • All laboratory and XRF results are carefully analyzed and formulated into a comprehensive risk assessment.
  • In-place management options are fully explored and site-specific guidelines are written for the building occupants.
  • When abatement is necessary, KEM drafts working drawings, general conditions and technical specificationsto direct the abatement process.
  • KEM prioritizes the areas that must be addressed, and develops an exacting abatement plan and detailed cost estimate.
  • KEM will produce a list of independent, qualified licensed contractors to conduct any abatement project and will oversee and evaluate the bidding process and recommend the most qualified contractor.
  • Air and dust monitoring is conducted by KEM in accordance with OSHA safety regulations both inside and outside the containment area.
  • Photographic and written documentation of the abatement process is provided for legal and historical records.

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Risk assessment testing required at every rental turnover.

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Lead Clearance Testing

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* Pricing based on testing a minimum of 6 units simultaneously. Requires payment by credit card at the time of inspection. Report delivered via email 48 hours after sample collection. Call for pricing of faster turn-around or fewer units.