What is involved in obtaining a Phase I ESA from KEM?

The requirements for a Phase I ESA include:

  • interviews with past and present owners, operators and occupants;
  • reviews of historical sources of information;
  • reviews of federal, state, tribal and local government records;
  • visual inspections of the facility and adjoining properties;
  • consideration of commonly known or reasonably ascertainable information; and
  • assessment of the degree of obviousness of the presence or likely presence of contamination at the property and the ability to detect the contamination by appropriate investigation.

Once KEM has the address of the property, a complete property history, including Sanborn fire maps, aerial photos and title history is ordered. KEM also obtains a listing of actual and potential sources of pollution within a one-mile radius of the property. After these items are obtained, KEM makes a physical visit to the property/building to conduct interviews and a visual assessment of existing environmental conditions on the property and on adjacent properties. Within 2 weeks after the site visit, KEM produces a complete report of the Phase I ESA and delivers the report electronically to the client.