Environmental Management Systems

Kynoch Environmental Management, Inc. (KEM) provides engineering consulting services to develop and implement corporate environmental management systems.

KEM’s work and the programs developed by the firm will be based on the following principles:

  1. The first step in any successful Environmental Management System (EMS) is to define an environmental policy and to make a commitment to the development and implementation of an effective EMS.
  2. Next, a written definition of the EMS that clearly communicates the vision and goals of the program must be developed. An EMS can only be fulfilled and improved if the plan is committed to writing.
  3. In order to implement the EMS, the capabilities and support for the mechanisms and practices of the EMS must be put into place. These may be provided by an outside organization or may be developed within the organization.
  4. The EMS must establish an effective means of measurement and evaluation in order to monitor an organization’s performance against established objectives.
  5. The EMS must allow for a constant review and continual improvement with the objective of improving overall environmental performance.

When contemplating whether or not to implement an EMS, companies should consider the financial benefits, including the prevention costs and benefit for EMS development, lower insurance rates and reduced liability, preferred borrowing opportunities, and reduced pollution control costs.

Programs developed by KEM are based on the principles established by ISO 14000, will comply with all existing US environmental regulations, and will allow the corporation to tailor a plan to meet their public relations and stockholder goals. An EMS developed by KEM will allow a client to become ISO 14000 certified. KEM’s team of highly educated and trained professionals service a client from the recognition of a need through the implementation of innovative, top quality solutions, and on into continual improvement of any solutions provided.