Mold Matters for Multi-Family Building Managers

Mold is a serious issue for apartment buildings, especially in this year of record level precipitation. Multi-family building managers need to stay ahead of the game with response readiness when a mold problem occurs, so that a quick and thorough remediation effort can be conducted.

Here are a few important facts about mold.

  • Virtually all buildings contain some mold. Excessively moldy buildings generally have a moisture problem that leads to heavy mold growth.
  • Mold growth normally starts within 72 hours after organic building material has become wet.
  • In most cases, environmental professionals can assess an apparent mold issue through simple visual examination.
  • Contamination is not always obvious. Mold is not always visible, and is not always accompanied by a “mildewy smell.”
  • Mold sampling should normally be reserved for determining the success of a mold clean up/remediation program.

Any building with an apparent mold problem should be thoroughly inspected by qualified experts, who can identify its root cause, recommend & manage a remediation plan, and document “clearance” of the mold infestation.

KEM experts do all three, helping our clients protect tenant health while demonstrating a commitment to eradicating mold in their properties. All of our inspectors are certified, and we ALWAYS close out our work by proving that the mold is gone.

With mold, remediation is the first step. Proactive documentation of your efforts & a forward focus on prevention are essential to the health of your building & your business.