Are You Concerned About Moisture Intrusion & Mold? You Should Be.

Every year, 98% of multi-family buildings experience water loss.

Water intrusion concerns can be related to weather (there’s been record rain this summer!) or to pipe leaks, condensation or sewer back-ups indoors. Each of these can result in water damage and lead to mold growth. The occurrence of mold in multi-family and commercial buildings can lead to costly lawsuits from tenants. In fact, more than 10,000 mold-related lawsuits are currently pending in U.S. courts.

Chances are, you’re not covered by insurance.

Most owners and managers do NOT have insurance coverage for mold claims – only water claims. Coverage for mold claims typically requires pollution liability coverage, which comes with a high deductible.

According to research conducted by several prominent law firms engaged in mold litigation, legal fees & settlements for mold claims can cost building owners more than 3 TIMES the average cost of water damage claims.

The best way to avoid these high costs is to deal with water intrusion concerns BEFORE mold becomes an issue, and the key to mold prevention is a prompt response to any signs of moisture. Quick action can reduce economic losses as well as prevent allergies and sicknesses that mold can cause for residents and workers.

KEM is here to help! We help multi-family building owners and managers develop Control of Moisture and Mold Prevention (COMMP) programs, including training and routine third-party inspections to protect you from liability and to keep your tenants safe.