When Considering Asbestos, Non-Friable Means 'Non-Regulated'

Posted: August 28, 2017

  • Are you removing floor tile as a full-containment asbestos abatement project?
  • Are you removing waterproofing on masonry prior to demolition?
  • Is pulling carpet laid over asbestos tile or mastic an abatement project?
  • Is roof removal and replacement an asbestos abatement project?


The answer to all of these questions should be “NO!”

Federal, State and local laws only regulate “friable” asbestos-containing material.  EPA has published guidance on how to perform demolition while leaving non-friable materials in place in a building.  There are OSHA and EPA approved procedures for removing floor coverings and mastics that do not require a full-containment asbestos project.  The key is to ensure that non-friable materials remain non-friable. If approved procedures are followed and air monitoring confirms that there is no asbestos release, imagine how much faster you can complete renovation and demolition projects!!!
KEM can develop a strategy for handling non-friable asbestos containing materials on your project. 
Our goal is to help you complete your project safely, timely and in accordance with all regulations. We can provide procedures, training, oversight and monitoring for any effort to handle non-friable asbestos containing materials without the need for a full containment. Our involvement will assure that your work is done faster, cheaper and with no asbestos fiber release.  Call us today to discuss your specific project needs.