Mold - You Have 72 Hours

Posted: August 28, 2017

When a water intrusion event affects drywall, flooring, carpeting and other porous material, the “mold” timeclock starts ticking. Porous, organic material that gets wet and stays wet for 72 hours or more will begin to grow mold.

This means a water intrusion event requires prompt, aggressive action to dry out porous materials before the mold begins to grow. EPA recommends removal of drywall that is infested with mold, not cleaning or painting of the drywall. So, preventing the mold growth is critically important to save time, save money, and ensure safety. You have 72 hours after the water intrusion event. Don’t waste time; do whatever it takes to dry out wet materials so that mold never has a chance to grow.

KEM can help. KEM is the premier provider of preventive solutions for water intrusion and mold concerns. Call KEM immediately after a water intrusion event, and we will guide the drying and cleaning effort to prevent mold. When the cleaning effort is complete, we will test to assure that all materials are dry and there is no mold concern. KEM will design a program to assure proper response to water intrusion events, whether during construction, or in an operating building. We are all about preventing mold before it happens, keeping your employees, tenants, contractors and others safe. Let us be a part of the solution, to avoid a bigger, more expensive problem. You will be happy you called.