Asbestos Inspection is Mandatory Prior to Renovation/Demolition

Posted: December 19, 2011

Federal, state, and local laws require a thorough inspection for asbestos prior to any renovation or demolition, regardless of the age of the building! These laws are not new. The federal law that requires asbestos Air Pollutants):

NESHAP (40 CFR 61.145) states in part, “thoroughly inspect the affected[image:Asbestos] facility or part of the facility where the demolition or renovation operation will occur for the presence of asbestos.” The law does not specify any limit on the age of the building, nor does it limit the type or size of the activity. By definition (61.141), any activity that alters one or more facility components in any way is a renovation.

Unlike like lead paint, asbestos has not been banned in all materials. It can still be found in roofing, mastic, floor tile, window caulking and dry wall joint compound. Therefore, without an inspection, you cannot be certain that it is not present.

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