Does Your Building Have a Funny Smell?

Posted: July 27, 2011

If you have people complaining of smelling something or complaining of feeling sick, you may have a problem with indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can often go undetected until someone complains and then extensive IAQ testing begins in earnest. KEM can help you with an efficient, cost-effective approach to identify IAQ concerns and develop an appropriate solution. Don’t start out spending thousands of dollars on testing. Start simple. KEM employs our Wolf Sense IAQ Surveyor that monitors key indoor air quality indicators including carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature and carbon monoxide. This equipment can help us determine if there is a problem with a simple solution or if further, more extensive testing is required. Should any of these initial measurements fall outside internationally recognized guidelines, further tests can be made to suggest an appropriate course of action. We start simple,saving our clients time and money, and often we identify a simple solution.

Call KEM to help you solve any indoor air quality concerns you may have.