Have you considered PCBs?

Posted: April 11, 2011

High levels of PCBs are found in building caulking material. The PCBs can migrate from the caulking material to the air, dust and soil and create significant exposure concerns to building occupants. Exposure to PCBs can affect the immune system, reproductive system, nervous system and endocrine system. In human beings, PCBs are cancer-causing.

Caulk that is peeling, brittle, cracking or deteriorating can release PCBs to the surrounding environment and expose building occupants. Caulk that is disturbed as a part of a building renovation or demolition can expose building occupants and construction workers.

Buildings built or renovated between 1950 and 1978 should be tested for the presence of PCBs in building caulk. In addition to PCBs in caulk, PCBs can be found in paints (along with lead), transformers, ballasts and floor finishes.

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KEM provides testing for PCBs in buildings and determines if there are any exposure concerns that exist.