Wanna Know What a 'WIMP' Is?

Posted: February 18, 2011

It’s not what you’re thinking!

A WIMP is a Water Intrusion Management Program and it is just another of the “Innovative Environmental Solutions” provided by KEM. A WIMP is a pro-active program for contractors, building managers, property managers and building owners designed to :

  • Prevent water intrusion into buildings (because water intrusion can lead to mold growth)
  • Clean up water intrusion if it occurs
  • Aggressively treat wet building materials before mold growth occurs
  • Properly handle mold remediation if efforts to prevent mold growth have failed.

KEM has designed WIMP programs for many of the region’s largest general contractors, hotel owners and developers, and multi-family building owners and developers.We have a proven track record of providing this “innovative solution” which includes saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in mold remediation costs by aggressively managing and treating water intrusion.

Our programs involve a written manual, training and education, and third party inspections and testing. Call us today to learn how a WIMP can help you!!