Water Intrusion Management Program

Posted: June 3, 2009

Do you have a WIMP? Maybe you should!!

A WIMP is a Water Intrusion Management Program.

Water Intrusion Management Programs (WIMPs) are intended for new construction projects, or buildings under renovation, however they can be adapted to occupied buildings. The purpose of a WIMP is to control water incursion and intrusion events to avert mold concerns.

A WIMP includes several goals. The most important of these is the development of a written, organized program to create respect for the effects of moisture in a structure. The program’s overall goal is to minimize, if not prevent, water intrusion to organic materials. The program also establishes parameters for clean up in the event of water intrusion, to respond to such an event BEFORE mold is a problem.

The Basic steps of a WIMP are very logical and progressive, and include:

  • Keeping building and porous organic materials dry
  • If that fails, cleaning up and drying water intrusion quickly and thoroughly
  • If that fails, cutting out any water damaged materials promptly; -If that fails, proper and safe mold remediation.

Why is a WIMP effective? It is a PROACTIVE program, rather than a reactive one. If moisture intrusion problems cannot be prevented, they must be identified and acted upon quickly in order to prevent mold growth. A WIMP puts all of the tools and resources in place BEFORE an event occurs. This assures the best possible outcome in cleaning up a water intrusion event. In the event mold does develop, remediation action will be done safely, completely and properly to guard against exposures and resulting liability.

For more information on developing a WIMP (Water Intrusion Management Program) for your organization, or before starting any project, it is important to consult a trusted, experienced firm for advice. Kynoch Environmental Management (KEM) is committed to providing quality professional consulting services that offer innovative, sound and consistent solutions for today’s environmental concerns. KEM has extensive experience in WIMPs, and can provide you with expert guidance, and innovative, quality solutions.